Happy Monday!! Reminders for Summer Sessions!!


Take a deep breath in. Do you feel that in your lungs? It’s the fast, swirling, sweetness of what I like to call Portrait Season! New inspiration hangs in the air over my head like a welcomed gift wrapped in a big, boldly colored bow.

As this season is kicking off, I wanted to throw out a couple of important reminders for any and all fabulous clients that have sessions booked. The better you come prepared to your session, the faster and more efficient I can do my job which typically means even more bang for your buck!!




1. Policy

If you have not yet read through my policy, please do so. It is located here: http://www.lindsaykingphotos.com/#!policy-2013/coc8 It is important that you are aware the rules of engagement so to speak, I appreciate and thank you in advance for taking the time to read through these important tidbits.


2. Unless otherwise indicated, session fees include the preparation time, shooting time, and editing time of your session only. Standard session fees do not include digital images, prints, or products. Your session fee is due on the day of your session unless paying via PayPal, which can be paid 24 hours in advance.


3. Turnaround time for all session takes 2 weeks unless otherwise stated. If you need your images before this time frame, please refer to the rush fees found on this page: http://www.lindsaykingphotos.com/#!investment/c1upj



4. Due to a heavy shooting and homeschooling schedule, I ask for your patience on all FB previews. Please remember that previews are a courtesy because I know you’re just as excited to see the end results of your session as I am. I will do my best to keep previews in a 5 day time frame from the day of your session.


5. Hair & Makeup

If you read nothing else, ladies, please take this to heart! Often I hear, “You can photoshop that, right?” And typically the answer is “Of course.” As my book is full and my editing hours alone are close to 45 hours weekly, I ask that you prepare yourself as much as possible for your session. Teens and women arriving with no makeup should understand that it can take up to 40 minutes to apply digital makeup to just ONE photo, this is time that I cannot devote to every session. I will touch up and correct those who take the time to apply their makeup before their session. Thank you for your help in allowing me more time to be creative vs. corrective with your portraits.


6. Weather

If the weather is too cold, too hot, or just yucky, we may need to postpone your session. The following is an idea of the times I would typically cancel:

49 Degrees or colder: Not a good shooting condition for small children, seniors, or families. If they weather is below 49 degrees we will most likely reschedule your session within a 1 week time frame when possible.

TOO much Overcast: I do love me a beautiful overcast sky, but when the sky is too gloomy, even with the absence of rain, capturing beautiful skin tones is nearly impossible. This kind of reschedule happens once or twice per season so fret not J. If we do need to reschedule, I will call you AS SOON as I have determined that the weather is not in our favor.



So that’s it, that’s all I’ve got for you today J Have a great day and I can’t wait to see you this season!!