Just a Bunch of Awesome Faces!


Ringing in 2013!

There is a song I love that says, “Life’s about changing, nothing ever stays the same.” I think life IS about changing, think about it, if you never change, or your circumstances never change, how can you possibly learn anything new? How can you grow and evolve? Even a change for the worse, when only temporary, can still serve as a great teacher. So, that said, when change came ‘a knockin’, I answered.

My husband has accepted a new job offer that will greatly impact our time together. As much as I wish the second part wasn’t true, it is, and I know it’s God’s plan for our family so with big, wide open arms, I am ready to embrace the change that is coming. With my family having less time together, it was a simple choice to decide to make some of my own changes in my business. I want to maximize my family time while still providing the great service that I currently offer. (Hmm, sounds like I’m tooting my own horn on that “great service” thing 😉 *toot toot* I’m proud of this business!) Some of the new ideals I am setting into place are NOT new at all, they’ve been policy for years that I don’t enforce. Enforcing policy will help me to enjoy more time with my family. Some ideals and changes are brand spankin’ new. In no particular order, here we go:


I will no longer be booking 2013 weddings.  In the last two weeks, I believe I’ve had about 15 inquiries alone, which is AMAZING and for which I am so very humbled, but alas, I need to stick to the plan I have already made for this year. I am so excited with the couples that I already have booked for 2013, but other than these very special people, I will not be working with any other Brides & Grooms. Giving up weddings for 12 months (with the exception of those already contracted) will allow me to focus on my children and husband and get used to the new schedule that will be our day-to-day life. I have not lost my zeal or passion for weddings, in fact, I’m quite sad and feel a little empty knowing that I’ll not get to be a part of the special day of more amazing couples. I will, in fact, only be making this temporary change until this coming fall when I will open up booking for 2014 weddings. I anticipate 2014 to be pretty amazing since we’ll then also be offering a video service as well as some other big changes, but those announcements will come toward the end of the year 😉 So again, thank you so much for asking us to be a part of your day, but if you are not contracted as of today then we will have to kindly decline in an effort to focus on family and changes for 2014!



I am cutting down my session load a tiny bit. Just a tiny, tiny bit, but enough to make more room for beach time and adventures with my babies this summer. I will be booking most sessions on weekdays, but will still offer a few weekends here and there. If you’re considering booking a Friday or Saturday session, please take a peek at my calendar to see what is open and then contact me with your selected date ASAP!!  You can find my booking calendar here:  http://www.lindsaykingphotos.com/#!info/cj27  When you go to the calendar, you’ll see LOTS of open session dates listed in Teal. I will be taking a maximum of 3 sessions per week most weeks, and 2 sessions per week some weeks, so when you see 6 open sessions in one week, that just means that when I fill 2-3, I will cancel out the other dates.

Mini Session dates are still available too so make sure you check those out in September and October, as well as Christmas Minis which will take place over an entire week in November!

Office Hours

My 2013 Office Hours will begin in Feb 1. My office will be closed to all inquiries and sessions Jan 11-Feb 2 EXCEPT for the Headshot Minis, I will be taking those appointments only as they fall on Feb 2, 2013. I will be taking these final weeks to enjoy my husband’s company before he leaves for his new adventure. Thank you for respecting my family time. If you have a pending order that has already been placed (Canvas, Albums, Prints) those are being worked on this week and I will let you know as soon as they are in and ready. Thank you for your patience as I am starting to adjust to my new schedule and running a little behind the last two weeks. If you have a 2012 wedding album order, that NEEDS to be in my inbox no later than Feb 2, 2013, after that I will not extend the deadline, wedding albums have a 60 day “Use it or Lose it” policy, I have extended most 2012 albums for months past this, thank you for understanding.
Thank you so much for your continued support and business, I am looking forward to making creative changes in 2013, make sure you stick around to see what is in store.