Megan & Josh Are Gettin’ Hitched!

All clients are friends, whether they’re new friends I’ve just met because of this business, or they’re an old friend that I’ve known outside of business, but ALL clients are friends. Megan is no exception to that rule.

I’ve known Megan for a very long time now, we met WAY back in the days of Beauty School. She is one of the sweetest, most tender hearted women I’ve ever known. When she got ahold of me about working together on her wedding journey, I was MORE than excited!! When we shot her engagement session, I was finally able to meet Josh, let me tell you, that guy is a GEM. I laughed, like, BIG fat belly laughs at the two of them together, they are such a great pair. The best part of my day is being able to take part in private moments between couples, the giggles, the smiles, and the sweet glances just steal my heart….


Here’s to Megan & Josh and a beautiful upcoming wedding!!




Andrews Family on the Blog!

We’ve had the chance to work with this adorable family several times now and we seem to fall in love with them more and more every time! Sometimes, family sessions go off with perfect smiles in almost every frame, but sometimes, if you’re really lucky, real life happens and you find yourself lost in the silly faces and goofy grins that really tell the story of each child. I love those real moments, in fact, I live for them…