Love, Love, & More Love on the Way…

Last week was a good week, but a very long week. It was one of those, on-the-go-no-time-to-stop-and-smell-the-roses-phone-ringing-off-the-hook-crazy-busy-weeks. Sometimes, by the end of a week like that, all I want to do is jump in my bed and hide under a blanket for a day or two, and by the end of those weeks, my brain and my creative spirit are just plain tired. Well, to my surprise, I had a sudden boost of inspiration as soon as I got out of my car and laid my eyes on Kasia & Jared. Have you ever just looked at someone and immediately felt more calm and relaxed? Weird, but that happens to me every now and then and last Friday was one of those days.  I got out of my car and immediately felt welcomed by their sweet smiles and tender spirits. We went on our way and the entire session just flowed, they were amazing to shoot because they’re just amazing people who really love each other. While I was photographing, I kept thinking to myself that they must have been such a joy for their wedding photographer to photograph because they are always smiling and laughing and they are so crazy in love that they would be any photographers dream!!

Anyway, I had a wonderful time getting to know these two and I am wishing them all the blessings in the world when their new baby arrives ❤