Mr. & Mrs. Presson} OORAH!

 Every year, I pray for new experiences on my journey. I hope for the chance to meet amazing new people, and wish the very best for all of my couples and families. This year, 2011 that is, is no exception.

I had the opportunity to first speak with Ray about his daughter’s upcoming wedding. Right away I was pretty stunned, that was the first time I had ever had a Dad call and right then I knew this would be a really special family. Next, I had the chance to speak and plan with Alice, the Bride’s mother. Talking to her in our many conversations, I was emotionally and mentally thrust back to the other side of the camera, almost eight years ago when I, myself was a bride. I could hear the excitement, wrapped in love, with that slight twinge of panic in her voice. She wanted every detail for her special daughter to be perfect. I remember that, and looking back now, I appreciate what my Mom did MUCH more than I did then, but hindsight is 20/20 after all. I listened to Alice speak about the venue, the couple, and the family, and I could hear the joy in her voice. This was a woman who absolutely loved her family, and THAT is what inspires me.

I started my 2011 out by meeting Beth & Mike, high school sweethearts. Mike is handsome Marine, and Beth is his gorgeous sidekick. My heart must have been beating 100-miles per minute when I caught the first stolen glance between them, the look was the absolute reason I am able to do what I do without getting jaded or worn. And it was simple, they probably look at each other that way all the time, but for me, it was just something special.

Beth was escorted down the aisle by her father, Ray, and they made quite the entrance. The Chapel was covered in crystal and flowers, the bride looked like she had stepped out of a Bridal Magazine, and then there was Ray, good ole Ray, beaming ear to ear.  It was all I could do to remember to stop staring and take the picture!

After the Ceremony, I met many a character. Seriously, this was my kind of family! Filled with laughing and loving, it was a great time. Cathy & John, the parents of the Groom were great. John kept me giggling, although, I don’t know that he meant to. Cathy was the proud Mom that was glowing every time she was near Mike. These were good people, great people, really great people.

So that’s it, of course, there is way more to this story, but this is where my tale ends for now. Here’s to Mr. & Mrs. Presson, wishing you many years of wedded bliss and blessings!



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