That’s right, it’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, followed by the a crazy day of BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING-TILL-YOU’RE-DROPPING!!! In honor of being Thankful, we want to give away some AWESOME DEALS & a SUPER HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!!

Sale runs Monday, November 22- Sunday, November 28. Your contract must be signed and retainer fee must be paid in the sale time frame to qualify for the sale and super awesome prize package!

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The K&G kiddos!

So, I’m pretty sure this session was filled with THE MOST beautiful children in the world! Ok, so maybe I’m partial, these are, after all, my children and their cousins! Oh well, I suppose I’m just a proud momma hen! This session was a treat, all but one (and by one, I mean my oldest, Oy!) were cooperative and have a bright future ahead as fashion models! My oldest, well, maybe she’ll be that pouty model type, she sure is good at it!

The fruit of my loins, crazy hair and all!