The amazing Karla!

Ok, so I met Karla in October of 2009, I guess we’re about to have our one year anniversary ;0)! Karla, or Knox, as I like to call her, is an amazingly bright, funny, and creative woman. Each session with her is new and exciting, and she’s never afraid to push the envelope or even be too silly. Here are a few pictures from her most recent session, and it was just pure FUN!



I’m feeling so insanely blessed lately, both on a personal and professional level. I remember having this dream as a kid to travel the world, camera in hand, shooting beautiful people, and it feels like it’s all coming together. Some people say that dreams are nothing more than giant, unrealistic wishes that very seldom come true, but I have to disagree. I believe that with the right attitude and a willingness to learn, grow, and thrive, we can accomplish anything we put our hearts into. Dreams are always in our reach, just ask me how I got to where I am next time we meet and you’ll see that even when I thought I wasn’t good enough, or talented enough, or, and this is the big one, that people wouldn’t understand my vision, I still didn’t give up. So that brings us to the present. I’m currently planning two international trips, one a Boudoir adventure in Canada, yeah, it’s not far from home, but I did have to get a passport to go so it’s still pretty cool, and the other is, wait for it… a wedding in Ireland! How amazing! I can’t wait to go to Ireland for this event, how many times do you get to shoot a B&G infront of a castle?? While there, I’m hoping to find the old family land that my great-grandfather left as a young man. I can’t imagine walking the dirt where those who came before me did, I am truly blessed my friends, truly blessed. So the moral of today’s story is don’t give up on yourself, no matter what your dream is, be open to it, because it just might be the path where the Lord has the most blessings in store for you. Amen and hallelujah!


The World’s Worst Blogger!

Wow, I must be the world’s worst blogger! From time to time I think about just quitting this thing all together but I’ve never really been a quitter so here I am making my once-every-whenever-I-get-around-to-it-post! Sad, but true! It seem’s like between sessions, weddings, and my own little one’s, there just isn’t enough time in the day to blog. So from here on in, I’ll only promise to keep it at my regular rate of posting every few months, but be sure to check out the website, for more portfolio work as well as session information!