The Crazy Sale!!

Ok, so anyone who has worked with me knows that I’m a sucker for getting a client the best prices. I love passing along any sales from my lab because I know in an economy like this, portriats of any kind are a luxury to most people. With that being said, I’m running a  CRAZY sale, yeah, that’s actually the name, “The Crazy Sale.” LOL So check out the info and call me by Saturday to book your session!!


Our New Blog Home!

Hello out there! Welcome to the new Blog home of Lindsay King Modern Photography! We’re really excited to be part of the WordPress family now!

What to expect: In the past, the blog has always been used for give photo previews on occasion but I really want to give it the time and attention it needs from now on. What you’ll see on the blog from here on out will be Sales, Photo Previews, and Updates to the weekly business going on in and around the office. That’s all for now, but I’ll leave you with a photo summary of what’s been going on around here lately 😉 Enjoy and remember to check back often!!