Hailey: Senior Portraits

I had a blast with this lovely girl from the Class of 2015! One of the things I most enjoy shooting is Senior Portraits. They mark a time in your life that will only happen once, and it’s just so exciting. I often see tears from parents as they watch their children though out the shoot, which seriously blesses my heart because I get to be a part of the experience.

It is NEVER to early to book your graduating Senior, I am already booking for the class of 2016!! I wish I could photograph every Senior inquiry that I get, but there is only so much time though the summer, so if you like what you see, book today and as a bonus, you’ll be guaranteed THIS YEAR’S RATE!!!!

Stay Sweet!


LKP_5090 LKP_5094 LKP_5157 LKP_5165 LKP_5194 LKP_5227 LKP_5228 LKP_5230 LKP_5246 LKP_5262 copy 2 LKP_5291 copy LKP_5310 LKP_5322 LKP_5353 LKP_5432 LKP_5581 LKP_5661


Girly Girl Sessions

SO MUCH FUN. Not only do we have gorgeous set ups, but when you book a GIRLY GIRL SESSION, the wardrobe IS provided for sizes 2-12!!! Book your session today!!

LKP_0031 LKP_0075 LKP_0141 LKP_0236 LKP_0272 LKP_0296 LKP_0493 LKP_0500 LKP_0569 LKP_0592 LKP_0618 LKP_8612 copycreative LKP_8624 LKP_8654 LKP_8664clean LKP_8670 LKP_8679creativecrwww LKP_8704 LKP_8779 LKP_8815 LKP_8851 LKP_8925 LKP_8981 LKP_9068  LKP_9138 copy LKP_9174 LKP_9181 LKP_9251wing LKP_9335 LKP_9406 LKP_9503  LKP_9535 LKP_9542 LKP_9544 LKP_9633 LKP_9661  LKP_9706 LKP_9711 LKP_9755 LKP_9761 LKP_9814 LKP_9852 LKP_9962LKP_0326

Senior Power.

Just a few faces from the Class of 2015!!!

LKP_1702 LKP_1742 LKP_1761 LKP_1778 LKP_1793 LKP_1848 LKP_1876 LKP_1947 copy LKP_1972 LKP_1992 LKP_2106 LKP_2116 LKP_2291 LKP_2389 LKP_2412 LKP_2463 LKP_2480 LKP_2491 LKP_2495 LKP_2497 LKP_2579 LKP_2606 LKP_2688 LKP_2694 LKP_2710 LKP_2788 LKP_2886 LKP_2962 LKP_2980 LKP_3080 LKP_3098 LKP_3141 LKP_3223 LKP_3842 LKP_3881 LKP_4036 LKP_4116 LKP_4142 LKP_4189 LKP_4194 LKP_4278 LKP_4622 LKP_4640 LKP_4659 LKP_4674 LKP_0028crop LKP_0092 LKP_0100 LKP_0107 LKP_0118 LKP_0174 LKP_0390 LKP_0472 LKP_0493 LKP_1034 LKP_1115b LKP_1176 LKP_1229 LKP_1233 LKP_1252 LKP_1258 LKP_1266 LKP_1356 LKP_1417 LKP_1478 LKP_1584 LKP_1592 LKP_1651 LKP_1795bw LKP_1804 LKP_1821 LKP_1897 LKP_1909 LKP_1933 LKP_1940 LKP_2063 LKP_2081 LKP_2100 LKP_2134 LKP_2255 copy LKP_2305 LKP_2389 LKP_2497 LKP_2501 LKP_2504 LKP_2523 LKP_2535 LKP_2539 LKP_2545 LKP_2549 LKP_2572 LKP_2595 LKP_2608 LKP_2617 LKP_2655 LKP_2670 LKP_2677 LKP_2698 LKP_2751 LKP_2772 LKP_2778 LKP_2799 LKP_2815 LKP_2856 LKP_2867 LKP_2878 LKP_2900 LKP_2991 LKP_3006 LKP_3042 LKP_3113 LKP_3120bw LKP_3133 LKP_3150 LKP_3189 LKP_3189bw LKP_3289 LKP_3420bw LKP_8298 LKP_8417 LKP_8555crop LKP_8569 LKP_8652 LKP_8672 LKP_8682 LKP_8720 LKP_8730 LKP_8750 LKP_8870 LKP_9002 LKP_9275 LKP_9335 LKP_9413 LKP_9476 LKP_9634 LKP_9695 LKP_9852bw LKP_9892 LKP_9921 LKP_9991crop LKP_95325x7crop LKP_95945x7-2 Untitled-1